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  • Its Almost Time!

        Yes, its almost time for the Show!!!   I have been busy getting things ready. I enlisted the help of my mom, who spent the day painting with me.  She was a big help and will be a big help with the show. (Thanks Mom)  Still have lots to do but for now I have a couple of before pictures to show you :



    What will they look like when they are done??  Your going to have to come to the Show to find out!!


    37th Annual Bayou Lafourche Antiques Show and Sale

    September 6,7 &8 2013

    Warren J. Harang, Jr. Municipal Auditorium

    310 N Canal Boulevard Thibodaux, La

  • Before and After

    Just in case you haven't been able to pick up your July POV magazine.  I am going to give you a sneak peek at my ad.



     Notice anything different about this ad??? yep, that's right.... I am in the picture!!!  It wasn't the easiest thing to do but I think it came out great, thanks to my daughter who is actually the one who took the picture.  I also started advertising for the Antique show coming up in September. I cannot wait till its here and all of my pieces are done and set up, until then I will spend many days covered in paint and many nights thinking about what color I want to be covered in tomorrow! 

    Back to the ad....the desk that I am sitting on was a fantastic find.  I really had a hard time hiding how much I wanted it when negotiating price.  Many nights I thought about what exactly to do with it....Do I paint it? strip it and stain it? Paint it two-toned? turquoise? white? blue? The possibilities were endless.  (That's truly one of my favorite parts thinking about all the possibilities) I thought about it for awhile, then I decided! To tell the truth I don't really decide and then do it,  I kind of decide as I go so I just got to work.  First I started by stripping the top and staining it, which is not something I really mind doing.  I love seeing the old, gunky paint peel off and expose the beautiful wood underneath.  Then when that was done, I experimented with paint colors and combinations until I decided on this.........



    She is now ready for the show!

    Come see this desk at the 37th Annual Bayou Lafourche Antiques Show and Sale,  September 6,7 & 8, 2013 at the Warren J. Harang, Jr. Municipal Auditorium in Thibodaux, Louisiana. 



  • The Future

    Well if you haven't noticed yet,  I am no longer at Sweet Olive Antiques and Café.  To be exact, there is no longer a Sweet Olive Antiques and Café.  It has closed it doors after many years of serving the city of Houma great home-cooking surrounded by grandma's antiques.  Ms. Boudreaux put many years of hard work into that café and will be deeply missed.   I know she is sad and excited about what the future will bring!

     The future for "The Painted Chair" is equally exciting!  I have many, many, many projects in the works. Which I am very excited about, but at the same time I have a knot in my stomach about the amount of projects I have....but like everything else it will all come together!  I am getting all these projects together for the upcoming 37th annual Bayou Lafourche Antiques Show and Sale on September 6,7 &8, 2013. 

    Until then I will be working hard at painting and refinishing furniture. To be honest, though, what I will be working at the hardest is making this summer, for my kids, the best summer ever!!!  Which brings me to a quote I found today:


    "Collect Moments Not Things"



    words to live by!!



  • Its been awhile!!

    Yes, I know it has been awhile.  I have been busy doing some painting for customers, and also busy purchasing some things for myself.   I am starting to get ready for the Antique Show coming up in September.  I will start sharing sneak peaks of things I am bringing to the show soon!!


    But for now here is a great

    Before and After:


    I had a customer with a Kitchen island, that just didn't go in their very eclectic, stylish home.  So we talked and looked at samples and came up with a plan.  We decided to paint the base a nice earthy color and add a old rustic, cypress top.  I added "new" vintage hardware, which always adds so much character to any piece. I think it came out fantastic! But more importantly the customer was thrilled.

    Here is the before:




    Here is the after:








  • Before and After

    I have been trying out some new products and techniques lately.  Some have been turning out great, while others not so great!!!  But that's one thing I love about paint, its just paint!!  You don't like it just paint over it.


    I did manage to finish this precious little desk.  It has all the vintage accessories that I just love, casters and crystal knobs.  The drawers have been covered with vintage dictionary pages.  It turned out great.  I will be listing it on ETSY soon, but if your local and would like to see it or purchase it, it can be found at Sweet Olive Café and Antiques.




    Here is what it looked like before:









  • Pick of the Week

    This pick is definitely one that I am very tempted to keep. I even tried to find the perfect spot in my mom's house so that it would just stay in the family. But its something I have to remind myself, this is a business.  So here it is.............


    This scale is the perfect vintage piece.  I love scales in kitchens with fruit on them. In living rooms on book shelves with books on them.  I love the rust with the white peeking through.  I also love the words stamped on it "Penn Scale"  Ok......I LOVE IT!!

    With that said.. I am listing it in my shop on etsy, so if your interested in purchasing this pick along with my others please visit my shop 






  • Before and After

    This is a piece I did for a customer, its called a gossip bench.  It is a fantastic place to put your house phone and I believe that's what my customer plans on doing.  I painted this piece a pale blue, and used a dark wax to warm it up a little. I didn't reupholster the seat because that was something that the customer wanted to do herself.  I will have to get a picture from her when its completely done. 




    I think it came out great!









  • Before and After

    The thing I love the most about the blog world is the Before and After pictures.  Whether it is furniture, remodels, or just rearranging a room, I love to see what can be done. So I plan on showing more before and after pictures soon,  today I am going to start with one I did for a client recently.

    It was just a plain brown cabinet, that just needed a little personality.  This is how she looks now!

    I think it came out great!


  • The Name

    Trying to think of a name for my business was one of the hardest parts about starting this venture.  I, like most people who go into business for themselves start with their name.  My name being Mandy, I did "Designs by May," which is cute but not exactly the image I was going for.  I wanted something that said what I did but also left me open for new things I may want to add.  Its almost like picking your child's name, you want it to be a good baby name but then you don't want it to sound foolish when they are an adult.  Same with the business, I wanted a name to grow with the business not to sound foolish 10 years from now.

    So I came up with "The Painted Chair."  First I love it. (LOVING it was important, not just LIKING it) Second, It describes what I do, I paint furniture. Third, the chair, to me is the most basic yet beautiful piece of furniture.  Its been around since the beginning of time and while it may seem simple, how many times have you sat down in a chair and said "ah, that feels good."  Not only are they practical but beautiful.  To me every room has to have at least one corner where there is the perfect chair with perhaps a side table, ottoman, or just a stack of books on the side.  Yes, chairs are my favorite!

    I have painted lots of chairs and sold lots of chairs, some are harder to let go than others.  This new chair is definitely going to be hard to let go!


    Here is how she started.

    She really came out beautiful.  And before I think about it too much I am going to bring her to Sweet Olive Antiques & Cafe and find the perfect corner to put her in!



  • Exciting News!



    Yes, I have some exciting news!!  I am moving into the Sweet Olive Antiques and Cafe in Houma!!!!  I have been looking and patiently waiting to find the perfect spot for The Painted Chair, and now I have found it.  The owner Collette Boudreaux has been very gracious and is letting me put my touch on her shop.  While I am not anywhere near moved in I am full of new ideas and am very excited about the future of  "The Painted Chair".

         I will have plenty of pictures to share as I move in, but if you can't wait please stop by and look around!



About Me

My name is Mandy and I love finding something old, outdated and giving it a new life using paint. The process I use to restore my furniture is an Art. Not only do I tediously pick and build every piece by hand but I only get pieces that I truely love. If I love a piece of furniture I will spend the time that is needed to hand-paint, distress, sand and wax every nook and cranny.

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