Before and After

I recieved lots of wonderful comments this weekend about my furniture.  There were two pieces in particular, that some of you were dissappointed that they had sold already.  So I thought I show you the before pictures. Then you may be able to see the potential in a piece that you already have in a attic, garage or storage. 

Remember this beautiful bed!


Well it didn't always look like that!


 Remember this vanity?  I had quite a few people who were disappointed that it was SOLD!


 It was pretty rough when I got it!



Is there something in your garage, attic or storage that you see some potential in now?




About Me

My name is Mandy and I love finding something old, outdated and giving it a new life using paint. The process I use to restore my furniture is an Art. Not only do I tediously pick and build every piece by hand but I only get pieces that I truely love. If I love a piece of furniture I will spend the time that is needed to hand-paint, distress, sand and wax every nook and cranny.

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