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  • The Future

    Well if you haven't noticed yet,  I am no longer at Sweet Olive Antiques and Café.  To be exact, there is no longer a Sweet Olive Antiques and Café.  It has closed it doors after many years of serving the city of Houma great home-cooking surrounded by grandma's antiques.  Ms. Boudreaux put many years of hard work into that café and will be deeply missed.   I know she is sad and excited about what the future will bring!

     The future for "The Painted Chair" is equally exciting!  I have many, many, many projects in the works. Which I am very excited about, but at the same time I have a knot in my stomach about the amount of projects I have....but like everything else it will all come together!  I am getting all these projects together for the upcoming 37th annual Bayou Lafourche Antiques Show and Sale on September 6,7 &8, 2013. 

    Until then I will be working hard at painting and refinishing furniture. To be honest, though, what I will be working at the hardest is making this summer, for my kids, the best summer ever!!!  Which brings me to a quote I found today:


    "Collect Moments Not Things"



    words to live by!!



  • Pick of the week

    This pick shows that I don't see the need to paint everything.  This mantle is beautiful just the way it is.  All it needed was some cleaning and I used a little hemp oil to revive the dried wood.  This beauty dates back to early 1900's. The details and craftsmanship are definitely one of a kind.

    This is the kind of piece that can instantly take your "new" home and give it the character that you are desperate to achieve.




    This mantle will be listed on ETSY soon, but if you would like to see it in person, it can be seen at Sweet Olive Café and Antiques.







  • Before and After

    I have been trying out some new products and techniques lately.  Some have been turning out great, while others not so great!!!  But that's one thing I love about paint, its just paint!!  You don't like it just paint over it.


    I did manage to finish this precious little desk.  It has all the vintage accessories that I just love, casters and crystal knobs.  The drawers have been covered with vintage dictionary pages.  It turned out great.  I will be listing it on ETSY soon, but if your local and would like to see it or purchase it, it can be found at Sweet Olive Café and Antiques.




    Here is what it looked like before:









  • Before and After

    This is a piece I did for a customer, its called a gossip bench.  It is a fantastic place to put your house phone and I believe that's what my customer plans on doing.  I painted this piece a pale blue, and used a dark wax to warm it up a little. I didn't reupholster the seat because that was something that the customer wanted to do herself.  I will have to get a picture from her when its completely done. 




    I think it came out great!









  • Pick of The Week

    This week I found something, that at first I thought they would be perfect for a little boy's room.  But in my quest to find out more about them, I realized they would be perfect in lots of different rooms.

    Vintage Speed Liner Water Skis

    I love the colors, the patina of the wood and the fact that these were once used by someone.  They are in great shape and I can't wait to put them at Sweet Olive Café



    I am also linking to Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Friday, featuring the twin beds I did a couple of weeks ago.  She has a fantastic blog so be sure to check it out!!





  • Pick of the Week

    Yes, in case you were wondering I do love the show “American Pickers.”   If you don’t watch it or have never seen it, you are missing out.  Besides Painted Furniture, I also sell some of my vintage finds at the Sweet Olive Café. What I would like to do is have a regular post and show you what my new pick of the week is.

    So this week its one of my favorites and greatest finds ever,  it’s a vintage paper roller.

    I can just picture this paper roll holder ( I really don't know the technical term) on a counter in a old general store.  I have always admired these paper rollers in magazines and catalogs ( the pottery barn catalog)  and when I saw this one at a local flea market, I knew it was going to be mine.  The wood has a gorgeous patina and its the perfect size.  They apparently come in many different sizes, I have seen a few on etsy but they don’t stay very long.

    Next week I plan to share a pick that I am actually going to sell at Sweet Olive, for now I am going to keep this one!!!





  • After Picture


    They came out beautiful, can't wait to bring them to the show!





  • Craft Show at Sweet Olive Cafe

        This Saturday, Sweet Olive Antiques and Cafe is having a craft show.  I will be there with some new pieces, which include a pair of vintage twin beds.  I'm not quite done with them yet, so all I have to show is a before picture.

    I am painting them a pure white and finishing them off with a dark wax. They are going to beautiful! Perfect for a little girls room.   If you want to see them in person, come to Sweet Olive Cafe this Saturday, December 1, from 8 to 3.


  • The Name

    Trying to think of a name for my business was one of the hardest parts about starting this venture.  I, like most people who go into business for themselves start with their name.  My name being Mandy, I did "Designs by May," which is cute but not exactly the image I was going for.  I wanted something that said what I did but also left me open for new things I may want to add.  Its almost like picking your child's name, you want it to be a good baby name but then you don't want it to sound foolish when they are an adult.  Same with the business, I wanted a name to grow with the business not to sound foolish 10 years from now.

    So I came up with "The Painted Chair."  First I love it. (LOVING it was important, not just LIKING it) Second, It describes what I do, I paint furniture. Third, the chair, to me is the most basic yet beautiful piece of furniture.  Its been around since the beginning of time and while it may seem simple, how many times have you sat down in a chair and said "ah, that feels good."  Not only are they practical but beautiful.  To me every room has to have at least one corner where there is the perfect chair with perhaps a side table, ottoman, or just a stack of books on the side.  Yes, chairs are my favorite!

    I have painted lots of chairs and sold lots of chairs, some are harder to let go than others.  This new chair is definitely going to be hard to let go!


    Here is how she started.

    She really came out beautiful.  And before I think about it too much I am going to bring her to Sweet Olive Antiques & Cafe and find the perfect corner to put her in!



  • Moving In!

    I'm slowly moving into Sweet Olive!  Putting a personal touch on the shop has been a little harder than I thought it would be.  But with every piece I move in, it feels more and more like me!

    The piece I am bringing to Sweet Olive today is definitely going to help. It came out gorgeous!  I truely have to give credit to my husband for helping me with the color.  I was leaning toward a earthtone, but he kept encouraging me to go BOLDER.  I'm so happy I listened, because it is one of my favorites!



    You have to see this one in person!


About Me

My name is Mandy and I love finding something old, outdated and giving it a new life using paint. The process I use to restore my furniture is an Art. Not only do I tediously pick and build every piece by hand but I only get pieces that I truely love. If I love a piece of furniture I will spend the time that is needed to hand-paint, distress, sand and wax every nook and cranny.

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