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I love getting a new pottery barn catalog in the mail.  I have been known to purchase a few things from Pottery Barn, but what I love most about the catalog is seeing how the rooms look and feel.  When I look at the pictures of the living, kitchens,bedrooms and work spaces that I like, I ask myself  “Why do I like this room?”  Besides the furniture, pillows and bedding that Pottery Barn is selling, there are usually key pieces that “MAKE” the room.  Take this kitchen for instance…..

source: pottery barn catalog

The island is beautiful, and so are the cabinets, but what is it that draws me in? Makes me love, not just the “LOOK” but the “FEEL” of this room?  To me it’s the vintage accessories. 

source: pottery barn catalog


Now don’t get wrong, there are a lot of things that make this kitchen work,  the color of the cabinets are gorgeous.  I love a farmhouse, apron front sink and the rug, just cozies the whole kitchen up.  But, what people sometimes miss are the details, and the details are what bring it all together.  If the kitchen scale, the paper roller, the tin pig and bread board spice rack, utensil holder (which by the way would be a great do-it-yourself project) weren’t there, I guarantee that kitchen would not have the same appeal.  That’s why VINTAGE ACCESSORIES are so fantastic, they add instant warmth and character to any room.  

So next time your looking through your catalog, try to find the accessories that pottery barn isn’t selling!



About Me

My name is Mandy and I love finding something old, outdated and giving it a new life using paint. The process I use to restore my furniture is an Art. Not only do I tediously pick and build every piece by hand but I only get pieces that I truely love. If I love a piece of furniture I will spend the time that is needed to hand-paint, distress, sand and wax every nook and cranny.

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